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Just what is “Video clip Verification”?

Video clip verification is a procedure that is made use of to ascertain the reliability of a digital video. In shorts, a video authentication device makes sure the integrity of electronic video, and verifies that the video taken into use has actually not been tampered.


We encourage the demand for verifying a digital video by providing the following instances:.

* A video could be doctored to defame a person. On the various other hand, lawbreakers escape being penalized because the video showing their criminal offense can not be confirmed trustworthy in the court of legislation.

* In security devices, it is challenging to comfort that the electronic video created as evidence is the one that is actually shot by the video camera.

* A reporter can not prove that the video clip played by an information stations is trustworthy.

* A video viewer who obtains video with a communication network could not guarantee that video being seen is definitely the one that was transmitted.

So there is a convincing necessity for video clip verification, wherever it is and in whatever type it is, be made authenticable before use.

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